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Bridging the gap between business and tech

Sheffield is a home to many skilled individuals both in the tech and business functions of the enterprise. That is proven by the plethora of meetup groups - Startup Sheffield, DM (Digital Marketing Sheffield), Sheffield Data for Good, Sheffield ML, etc. There is a gap between the two functions though, as these two groups of people don't interract between each and that interraction is where the magic of startups happen.


Underneath are proposed ideas for meetup groups that can unlock the potential of the ecosystem by introducing new concepts and bridging the gap. If you're interested in any of them - click the button and register and if 50 people register for any of the three, first meetup would be organised.


Lean Customer Development

Every product or service needs a customer! How to develop ours according to them and not according to our biases?

Thanks! We will let you know if/when the first meetup will be held!


Category Design

It's not enough to create a great product or service, most successful startups create new categories! What is category design and how can it be created? Show us you're interested by submitting your email undereath.

Thanks! We will let you know if/when the first meetup will be held!